Traveling with Dharma

A frequent traveller – escort – guide – minder on many trips is the local dog. It could be at the cafe where you are having lunch, the beach where you are sunbathing, the old cave temple which you are exploring, the highway which you are hitchhiking. The local canine leader is there with you.

Breakfast companion. Palolem, South Goa, April 2010

These dogs, I have seen, seem to reflect the general mood of the place. Sleepier the place, more slothful the dog. Vibrant place, there is no end to barking and whining.

One must not of course forget that dogs like to laze about in the sand as well.

Dogs sun bathe too. Palolem, South Goa, April 2010

Their general health also indicates about the economic prosperity or lack thereof of the place.

Emaciated one. Badami, February 2010

If you need to give the dog a name of your own, try Dharma. Dharma it was who in the form of a dog gave Yudhisthir company as he climbed up to heaven.

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