A Personal Political Journey – Shahar Peer

Photo linked to CNN

Shahar Peer, world no 19, realised that embracing the full political implication of being Israeli was a far more fulfilling task than avoiding it. the world does not let her forget it anyway. Whether protests in New Zealand or denial of a visa by the Dubai government for the Dubai Open, she did go through it with utmost tact and strength. And as the article says, much of it came from her grandmother, an Auschwitz survivor.

While Eckstein confronted her past, Peer stepped out of her tennis cocoon and fronted a cause, along with a reported 10,000 marchers, many of them students, from around the world. She folded an Israeli flag over her arm, saw for herself where her great-grandparents died and left with an altered perspective on the attention and persecution that had intensified around her, as an Israeli athlete, over the last two years.

She was also doubles partner with Sania Mirza in 2006 but protests in India made the two of them split up.

More power to her in her journey.

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