Anti-Monument to Genocide

How do you build a museum of evil without “honouring” it? An anti-monument? Berlin’s Topography of Terror designed by Ursula Wilms is just that.

Save a reflecting pool in the inner courtyard, it’s minimal to the point of being utilitarian, and that’s precisely the point. There’s nothing to consecrate, no one to adulate, nothing to be proud of.

This is the area where the Gestapo, SS and the various functionaries of the Nazi government worked and controlled the war, the Holocaust, the Pojarmos, the attempt at establishing Aryan supremacy all over the world.

Topography of Terror (Image Source:

There are many war memorials around the world, usually celebrating the heroic feats of the soldiers (of the countries which built the war memorial). The Vietnam Memorial, India Gate, Hiroshima and many others.

However, these are all monuments. They honour something – the spirit of soldiers (for whatever cause they may have fought for).

From City of Djinns

But this anti-monument in Berlin is quite a feat.


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