The jugaad vehicles of India

Jagjivanbhai Karsanbhai Chandra took the front of a Royal Enfield motorcycle and attached a two-wheel mounted cart and created the “Chhakada”.

Morbi: The Chhakada, invented by JK Chandra and runs all over Saurashtra

This vehicle, with over 150,000 of them, was manufactured by the company formed by his son, Jayantilalbhai Chandra and is currently known as Atul Auto, based in Rajkot.

Like this vehicle, there is the other one from North India called the Jugaad vehicle.

The Live Mint article writes:

Jugaad (noun)—a quadricycle, a means of transportation in north India, made of wooden planks and old jeep parts, variously known as kuddukka and pietereda.

The big issue in most of these vehicles (and similar innovations) is the scaling. It is no debate that such vehicles can of use beyond Saurashtra and North India. But who will manufacture them and who will distribute them. In a way, it is a paradox – the vehicle has been made using waste parts to serve the specific needs to the population. By making it a general product, it becomes like any other car.


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