Profiling Roads: Fort Aguada

Living upto the name, I will attempt to start and maintain a series of profiles on different roads, routes, trails, etc.

Road To Aguada, Goa, November 2010

This is the road leading upto Fort Aguada in Goa. There is a T-junction with the road on the right going to the Taj resort that is there. Take the road on the left. It drives past a small estuary lined with fishing boats.

The road winds round the hill climbing up till it reaches another fork. Straight will take you to Aguada Jail which continues to operate (and photography is not allowed).

Road to Aguada Jail

But you can stop a few metres before and take a look at the panorama. There’s merchant shipping all over the Arabian Sea but the mouth of the Mandovi is right there as well with the river front property of Panjim clearly visible.

View from the Fort Aguada Road – the mouth of Mandovi and the Arabian Sea

Turn right and shortly you will reach the entrance to the Fort

There’s nothing much else here that you don’t see in other roads in Goa. There is of course the Kingfisher Villa, a hideous looking place. The two Taj resorts are on the northern side of fort and the road terminates there.


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