Random road links on the web – 22 Dec 2010

There is now a 20 acre open air “restaurant” for vultures. If you have any dead animals, you can go and put it there. I suppose the bird lovers are happy but has anyone asked the Parsis what they feel about this.

Jonathon Glancey writes a piece about Nagaland. A nice piece of travel writing but an Englishman is an Englishman and therefore such passages are not unexpected:

One marker honours the uncertain remains of Private Thomas Collins, 21, from Barkingside, Essex. The fighting at Kohima was so intense that bodies were mixed into a mash of bloody tropical ooze. It seems not only sad that a life like that of Private Thomas Collins should have been blasted from him at such a tender age, but also somehow almost ineffably strange that this young lad from England’s far east should have died in the Naga Hills. This was very probably his first trip abroad. One moment, his big adventure would have been to take a train up to town from Barkingside; the next moment, drilled, dressed in khaki, Lee-Enfield .303 over his shoulder, Collins was packed off to die in this improbably remote corner of the British Empire.

Via Global Voices piece on Maldives, I had a look at this piece on bullying by Maldivians by blogger Mohd Saeed.

We laugh at guest workers. Comes a waiter to your table asking what he can get for you. “Ey Bondhu” and just a bit of mocking. “Rashah dhey”… go back to your country!. And we laugh.

And lastly, there is this whole campaign on Gujarat tourism out of which this concept sounded quite interesting (albeit expensive).


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