Random road links on the web – 19th Jan 2011

Via Global Voices, got my first glimpse of the “bridge of destiny” in Passu Diary.

I dream to see a Bhutanese masterpiece stretch over the Wang chu one day, that is so beautiful that we are proud to step out of our car and walk over it in the evening, that is so unique that when world see it on TV or internet they know that it is in Bhutan, that is so intelligently built that there is way out for the rain water and way across for people, that is so iconic that it change the face of Thimphu.

Across the subcontinent, they are killing the Sufis.

“Militancy keeps on demanding sacrifices,” Ayesha Siddiqa, a security analyst who says she is a descendant of a Sufi saint, said. “So if it’s not targeting the enemy outside, it’s targeting the enemy within.”

And Vikram Doctor is rightfully disturbed at the fishiness in the fisheries business in Maharashtra.

Fishermen will tell you bitterly how, other than at election time, they get just a fragment of the attention given to farmers, and it rarely looks at the complex problems facing them. Because fishing does not involve farming discrete plots of land, but happens on the open seas, the problems are also not discrete, but require collaborative solutions involving fishing communities and trawler owners (who can be both local and international), environmental and economic issues, the type of catch that reaches the market, in what condition and how consumers will accept it. Such rounded attention is almost never given

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