Animals on the road

A short album made up of various animals who joined the traveller on the road


But for the fact that this is Mahabalipuram Beach and the shore temple is behind you, this kid riding a horse could be in any city beach of India.


Dogs are everywhere.

Badami, Karnataka

In Badami, the ancient seat of the Chalukyas. The local poverty reflects in the skinny nature of the cur. Nothing much to scavenge.

Palolem, Goa

In Palolem, Goa, they join the goras in sun bathing

… or as foot rugs.

Then there are monkeys

Kanheri Caves

… in caves

Borivili National Park

… in the dry jungles of Borivili


… and the Jain ruins of Udaygiri


Then a smattering of goats along the way


… grazing whatever grass is there in Machilipatnam beach

And finally…


… the holy cow of India.

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