Vienna – walking around with photographs

I have never been to Vienna. For that matter I have never been to Europe. But vicariously, using Google Maps and Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet, I have been to all the famous places. For people like me, travel photography, the really good stuff, gives some great kicks.

Like this one.

A multi-cultural group of people living in Vienna stroll around snapping away at life, culture, structures, art and history. There is the majesty of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the silence of the wars in the 20th century, the energy of the present day and for good measure, some abstract lighting art to provide the psychedelic touch.

Photo #14 by Ruxandra is a portrait of an impish looking girl whose eyes suggest some mischief is afoot.

Photo #3 by Ozan captures the rich texture of a city installation. Frankly, if the signboard wasn’t there, I would have guessed a Central American or Mediterranean geography.

Photo #27 by Christoph is, on the face of it, a simple shot of a small figurine seen through a shop window. But on deeper attention, one sees the muted lighting which allows the sheen of the figurine to stand out, the blurry reflection of the outside world on the glass of the shop window and the slight tilt of the head which makes the eyes of the figure stare at a space above your head. The overall visual impact of the photograph reminds one of the great tragedies that have happened in the past.

But my favourite from the set is Photo #11 by Ruxandra. I do not know whether the lady knew she was being photographed or not. But there is a look of surprise, curiosity and a slight irritation on her face. A smile is half-formed, probably addressed at herself. After all, it is quite possible that being the only occupants at the pavement cafe, she finds herself as a part of a photo-op for a girl strolling with a camera.


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