Walking around and shooting or just sitting around and staring

So there are photo walks happening all the time, some in groups while others done as individual journeys. Then there are photo sits, actually. You just sit down in one place and shoot the area around. I have been lax in this regard. So far, my photography has been restricted to broadly three categories – travel, official documentation (meetings, workshops, other things at work) and ethnography. The last one involves, obviously, people. However, I have rarely posted these photos on line. There is a certain diffidence to putting up photos of people online in public forums.

However, I was much inspired by this set by Ruxandra, a photographic study of people walking around, sitting, etc. in Alexanderplatz in Berlin. So, I thought, why not.

Last Saturday, i.e. the 3rd of November, I was in Horniman Circle in south Bombay for the India Kaleido fest there.  Mostly, I was drawn by the free Indian Ocean concert. But I also took the opportunity to do some people watching through the lens. So here goes:

There are about 21 photos in this set so far. I will keep adding as I get more. While photos do tell stories of 1000 words or more, a few extra words added should not be problem

Town Hall Steps, November 2012

The iconic Town Hall of Bombay, which also houses the Asiatic Society of India and its library, has a flight of steps which have been made famous in pictures and movies. Sitting on the steps is quite the cool thing to do if you are there.

Horniman Circle, Mumbai, November 2012

Right opposite the Town Hall is the Horniman Gardens, a piece of open space that is ravenously consumed by the space-starved Mumbaikar. So when any event is announced, it is often packed and bustling with life and energy and paradoxically, peace, quiet and privacy!

Now for some more walking around and sitting around.


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