A Tour of Mizoram by reading blog posts

I have been following Mizohican for a while now, having stumbled upon it through some common IIMB connections. The fact that he is a drop out of IIMB appeals to me even more. It takes some pluck to decide to turn one’s back after slogging out through (and clearing) CAT and the personal interviews and putting up the fees by paying through one’s nose. But this post of mine is not about the education system.

Rather it is about a state in India called Mizoram.(Note: This Wikipedia article is flagged for unverified / lack of citations)

So there were three posts – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – about Mizohican’s (since I don’t know his real name, shall use his blog handle) trip to Mizoram to celebrate Christmas and New Year with his folks at home. With copious descriptions of the people and a stack of photographs, the three posts gave the armchair traveler a quick tour of the state (specifically the capital of Aizwal).

Google Maps informs that Aizawl is at an altitude of 800m-1000m above sea level. There are mountains all over. Having been to Shillong in Meghalaya, one can immediately imagine the landscape there.

Mizoram has Prohibition. There is no booze. Legally. Naturally, as in all states with Prohibition, there is smuggling. Quite brave of the lad to put photos of him with his stack of smuggled beer cans. It is only fair that one propagates his bravery by re-blogging that photograph here.

(from Mizohican.blogspot.in)

The Durtlang Presbyterian Hospital is quite a grand structure and, shall I say, very similar to buildings in Shillong.

(from Mizohican.blogspot.in)

And the landscape outside the city is pretty awesome.

(from mizohican.blogspot.in)

It is quite pleasing to see that the youngsters of Mizoram manage to keep their “spirits” up in spite of Prohibition, enjoying themselves with the nightlife.


I am sure the glass with transparent liquid is water and the glass with black coloured liquid is Coca Cola neat (no rum spiked). And even if they are spiked, it is none of our business.

The lad in his Part 2 post mentions about Sanpiau, a street food snack. He is unaware about its ingredients and how it is made. I tried to Google it and came up with some blog posts which are in the Mizo language (using Roman script). But no English language site. So I am none the wiser about this dish.


The photograph gives it a look of a noodle-soup. I suppose it is non-veg and worth a try.

Part 3 presents the lights of Aizawl as it celebrates Christmas. Wikipedia says 87% of the people are Christians. So that is one big festival there. And the lights prove it.


A trip to the north east in December is a must. I did visit Shillong in December too and it is an experience. A small but significant part of that experience is the brilliant talent of the carol singers, singers who have a natural gift with no formal training.


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