Making My Photostream on Flickr Up To Date

Last night I completed my backlog of Flickr updates. For the first time ever, I paid for an online service – my Flickr Pro account. I had this done last year and since then, having freed myself from the limitations of just 200 photographs as permitted in the free account, I have been loading my best photographs there. Since June 2006 when I started using a digital camera, I have over 20 GB of photographs from different places, occasions and things. I have taken 2300 of those which I consider my best and posted them online. I do have some older film camera photographs which I have scanned but the quality is not good enough for posting.

I have been using three different photo services – Flickr, Picasa Web Albums (Google+) and Panoramio. Panoramio photos are largely geographical based as these photos are used by Google Maps and Google Earth. I have about 1000 odd photos which feature on Google Earth. I call it the Geography Cut. My Flickr photostream is more universal. I call it the Cultural Cut.

All photos are available for free sharing with attribution. However, I have disabled downloads and printing. If you want to download, do write to me and we’ll figure out what to do.


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