Of Meter Maids, Beaches, Lara Bingle and Covering Up

The Meter Maids of Gold Coast, Australia recently made a job offer to Lara Bingle. The chief of Surfer’s Paradise Meter Maids Roberta Aitchison says

The Meter Maids by the way are having a spot of bother. Apparently they used to have decent side business selling keychains and the like. Now they can’t do that. So they seem to have gone into bad times. There is a proposal to encourage them to go south to places like Melbourne or Sydney but they been asked to, well, cover up.

“If they’re providing information to visitors on the beachfront, it’s entirely appropriate for them to be wearing bikinis,” News.com.au quoted him as saying.

“If they’re at the Melbourne Convention Centre, that’s probably not appropriate attire,” he said.

In case you are wonder what a Meter Maid looks like or does, here are some photographs for your general knowledge.

And here are a pair of sisters from Sweden

Sisters from Sweden

Pernilla Ericksson and Linda Lines have travelled all the way from Sweden to fulfil their ambition of becoming a meter maid.

The girls were shivering through a Swedish winter and happened to see on television a report featuring our golden gals.

Then and there they decided to head south for Australia and see if they would be good enough to wear the famous bikini.

As you can see they certainly do look more than good enough and are in love with their new job though their accents are a bit Sara Lee, somehow the tourists do not seem to mind.

For a low down on the history of Meter Maids, go here. And go here to see the gals.